Hi friends, my name is Jane, I  originally from  Kenya living in Ireland, as I little girl I always helped my grandfather in his food kiosk/café,  everyday after school or at weekends I did food prep, peeling potatoes, onions, cleaning pots… Sometimes watching the cooking, joining in to make mandazis, chapati or chai (Kenyan style).

As a teenager I had to be responsible for making meals at home for my grandfather, my sister and I, which I didn’t like at all. In my early twenties I joined my mum in Ireland, and found myself surrounded by different types of food, as my mum is the best cook. She taught me many West African dishes, which I appreciate more now.

I have trained professionally as a chef, worked in a few kitchens, but I’ve learnt much more through practice. I have been inspired so much by Raymond Blanc, Gordon Ramsay, Ina Garten, Lorraine Pascale, and many  others. I know I can cook anything if I put my mind into it, so on this blog I will be sharing recipes and my culinary adventures.

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