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Video: Pigeon Peas In Coconut Milk With Coconut Rice. (Mbaazi za Nazi).


Hi Friends, well I know it’s been the longest that I haven’t posted anything, life has it’s challenges sometimes, things we never expect to happen, happens. And all we can all do it be thankful for everyday.

A few months ago I longed to eat Pigeon Peas, and I went all around different supermarkets that sell international food to try if I will find me some of this special beans, but I was unlucky on my search, and was really craving (yani kutamani) the flavours of this (Chakula) food, reminded me when I was a little girl in Mombasa the only place I ever ate them, now an adult I really wanted to recreate the dish, I never lost hope despite not finding them, luckly one of my Aunty was travelling back to Kenya, so I asked if she could find them for me, well surely in Kenya you can nearly find any type of beans you are looking for, and so less than two weeks the beans were delivered, Imagine the smile on my face :-), well no wasting time any longer, all I wanted was to eat them the next day.

Well different people have different ways of preparing food, so I did what I knew how, and I promise you will ask for second bowl of this delicious beans that have an amazing nutty flavour, Coconut rice was the only way for me to finish this dish with or some Mahamri.

Don’t forget to check out the recipe, hopefully you will enjoy watching and when you give it a try. Enjoy.