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Visited Thailand, well I didn’t have to travel far, rooted through my cupboards, fridge.

I have been longing for a nice bowl of green curry which definately I know I can’t find anywhere around in the restaurants where i live, so thought why not root through the cupboards for ingredient, with the help of my Mum sending me some ingredients that i couldn’t get around. Definately alot of effort but i tell you what, it was all worth it at the end. Super delicious. 🙂

DSC_1375[1] DSC_1376[1] DSC_1377[1] DSC_1378[1]

Sunny weekend spent at the beach, enjoying BBQ

BBQPollGorm2016First BBQ of the year, and what a lovely way to have friends gather up for a nice BBQ and enjoy the beautiful sunny day, well we couldn’t just head home without watching the sun set, the lovely warm colours and the brightness of the sun brings smiles on everyone’s face.DSC_1409[1]DSC_1407[1]DSC_1410[1]Feet in Sandy WaterShore-sideDSC_1424[1]

Mince Pie Mishap

Welcome to my new blog where it’s all about food, and my passion for food, different cuisines, spices and ingredients that are worth trying and easy to find. I hope you will enjoy this journey with me as I experiment and try out recipes. I believe that anyone can cook if they put their mind to it (or if they’re hungry enough!). 

So today I tried to make some mince pie, well as much as it turned out very tasty (the beef in the pastry), the pastry itself didn’t turn out that good. The pastry was more on the crunchy hard side, so more work required on this recipe. Mince pie is more of a comfort food, well enjoyed in countries that tend to get very cold during winter. But don’t let that stop you from trying this lovely dish. 🙂